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    Ampoule liquid washing filling sealing line

    Ampoule liquid washing filling sealing line


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    • 主要銷售市場:北美洲,中/南美洲,西歐,東歐,大洋洲,中東,非洲
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    Main Application

    The ampoule liquid filling sealing production line is composed of ultrasonic bottle washing machine, dryer sterilizer and ampoule filling and sealing machine. It can complete spraying water, ultrasonic cleaning, air & water flushing of inner and outer wall of ampoule bottle, preheating, drying and sterilization, heat source removing, cooling, (nitrogen pre-filling), filling, (nitrogen post-filling), ampoule sealing and other complex functions, realizing automatic production of the whole process. Each machine can be used separately or in linkage line. The whole line is mainly used for ampoule injections filling in pharmaceutical factories and the general type can also be used for antibiotic vial injection filling or powder filling.

    Performance Features
    1.The whole ampoule filling line meets new GMP requirements, and the cleaning effect meets the new Pharmacopoeia standards and requirements.
    2.The whole aseptic ampoule liquid filling line can adopt straight-line layout or wall-to-wall L-shaped layout to reduce risk of cross-contamination and ensure aseptic level.
    3.Applicable specification: 1ml-20ml ampoule (as per user's requirement)
    4.Production Capacity for sterile ampoule filling machine : 12000-36000BPH
    5.Number of filling head: 2-20, to be selected according to output
    6.Filling Accuracy: ≤ ±1% (according to drug characteristics)
    7.Choice of various filling pumps: glass pump, metal pump, peristaltic pump, ceramic pump;
    8.Compact and simple structure, occupies less area;
    9. Stable product performance, easy and reliable operation, beautiful appearance;
    10. High degree of automation, fewer operators required;

    11.Various sealing gas supply methods such as natural gas or hydrogen and oxygen gas;
    12.Optional real-time display and printing system of sterilization temperature;
    13.The maximum sterilization temperature of hot air circulation tunnel oven is 350ºC;
    14. The heat in the hot air circulation tunnel oven is evenly distributed, and the heat resources removal effect is
    15.Optional open-RABS isolation protection system and class 100 laminar flow hood protection;
    16.Optional high-performance no-bottle-no-filling function and squeeze stop function;
    17.The filling machine can be equipped with online monitoring system to monitor key factors that affect product
    quality (such as dust particles, planktonic bacteria, wind speed, wind pressure, etc.).
    18.Full-line linkage control and operation function for Pharmaceutical Automatic Ampoule Washing Sterilizing Filling Sealing Production Machine ;
    19.To realize fully automatic control and monitor of production process, high precision colored touch screen
    operation monitoring, PLC automatic control & automatic protection, main machine frequency conversion speed
    regulation and other control technology are used.
    20.Applicable for wide range of bottle specifications, and easy to replace mould.
    21.The products can be customized according to customer's actual demand.






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